Izway wines review by Mike Bennie

2011 Izway Mates Mataro
Smoky, earthy, rustic kind of aromas, dusty, meaty kind of vibe, has a dustiness through the palate too but richer and juicier and more concentrated than expected. Pushes powerful and comfortably across the palate. Has a stemmy influence, gentle mezcal wafts. Bouquet garni spice. Man, this is drinkable – opens and opens and opens. 93 points, 2013-2019

2011 Izway Izway Shiraz (no preservative added)
Really vibrant aromas, thick, brooding fruit with concentrated liquid spice and gravelly, earthy characters. Sloopy-doopy, slippery feel in the palate with sour/sweet freshness in the palate. Bright, vibrant, lighter than expected with still the hallmarks of brooding fruit of the bouquet. Joyous and simple. Fine bony phenolic grip to close and some briny mineral-like acidity frisking it up. Slightly fizzy. 90 points, 2013

2011 Rob and Les Shiraz
Musty, dusty aromas. Earthy, meaty, gamey kind of thing. Xmas cake and spice. Rich!. Has a heady, concentrated, slippery depth, but fresh feel. Luscious and generous, opulent but without being ridiculous. Still, some might balk. Liquid spice and dark fruits. AG great flow here anyway. 91 points, 2013-2019

2010 Izway Bruce Shiraz
Really bright high-toned aromatics – attractive to see concentration parlayed so well. Chinese spice, dark plums, chocolate. Has a floral aspect too. Slippery yet pure and lifted in the palate, elegant for Barossa with smooth contours, utterly seductive and moreish kind of feel. No heat, just richness, bold, but tempered with spice and liquid chocolate, polished tannins. 93 points, 2013-2026

2009 Izway Harold Shiraz
Smoky, toasty aromas with briary dark fruits, leather and sandalwood. Really attractive, haunting kind of aroma. Slippery and dense, a richness in the palate but controlled and showing slatey minerality. Cool and reserved, in a way, restrained, but still offering a layered, complex flavour profile. Fine style from Eden. 93 points, 2013-2023

2009 Izway Don Shiraz
Nougat, spice, currants, flowers, dark matter. Really expressive, wilder, gamier feel here. Incredible textural feel – an experience indeed. Chocolatey tannins, that ballistic concentration but with a balance of freshness, florals, crunchy acidity and chalky phenolic chew. Has tannins sifted through the pillow of fruit, but this is a tightly wound wine regardless of its rich fruit expression. 94+ points, 2013-2033

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