Rob & Les

Have you met Rob & Les?

In 2005 we wanted to make a Barossa Valley Shiraz that was affordable yet interesting; a fine wine that will age with an everyday price. We released this wine as Contra, then named it Pensioners Shiraz, and finally we labelled it Rob & Les. The wine with more alias’s than Dennis Rodman is in its ninth incarnation and is now one of our favourite wines to drink.

Robert and Leslie were our Grandfathers and they are our middle names. We would have loved to have shared a glass or two with them down at the bowls club, but unfortunately, we never had the chance, so we would love to share this wine with as many of you as we can.

This wine has become a staple in many households around the country, even the most dedicated Izway followers, who fill their cellars with Bruce, Harold and Don, are also religious buyers of Rob & Les. We think it is because this wine doesn’t need to make the trek downstairs taking up valuable cellar space. It can be safely stored on the wine rack in the house, keeping within arms-reach for a mid-week tipple, without the need for planning or forethought. This is of course exactly the intention of this wine, and the reason why we make it and love to drink it ourselves. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in wine language and the hype surrounding harvest conditions, and winemaking techniques. Sometimes it’s fine to acknowledge that we actually make a drink and that it should be enjoyable and effortless. We think the Rob & Les fits the bill, and hope that you can find a spot on your (close at hand) wine rack.

This is truly a fine wine with incredible depth, complexity, balance and structure that will last for some years if that is your desire. It will equally satisfy as a mid-week tipple that will enliven the soul and enhance the spirit.

Time for a glass of Rob & Les…..

About the Wine
2018 Izway Rob & Les Shiraz

The 2018 Rob & Les is a fresh, vibrant and fruit driven Shiraz from a spectacular harvest. The energy in the
wine is a testament to the season, with the purity of the fruit being a hallmark of classic Barossa Vintages.

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Craig Isbel