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2019 Vintage Releases

The harvest seemed to flow effortlessly for us in the winery and the proceeding stresses that mother nature threw our way evaporated with every press load. The wines are rich in colour with fine tannins and high tone aromatics. The cold autumn nights of the 2019 harvest have delivered wines with purity, freshness and well-balanced acid. A vintage for the lovers of ripe Barossa wines but with low yields in 2019 supply is limited.

The Wines

2019 Izway Three Brians Grenache  
In 2019 we suffered plenty of adversity in the vineyard, and our 118-year-old Grenache certainly didn’t escape the wrath. The yield was reduced to a miserly 354kg. However, when it mattered the most, we were given a perfect window for ripening, and the quality of the fruit that was picked into a hand full of buckets was exceptional. Fresh, vibrant, bright, elegant and charismatic; this release of the Three Brians is the embodiment of Grenache.
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2019 Izway Maurice Grenache 
The 2019 Maurice is pretty, fresh, and fragrant, with lifted floral and fruit aromatics, yet it waxes and wanes with almost every sniff. The palate is undeniably ripe, with a density that belies its light, bright, colour. This release is back to a single vineyard wine, and consequently it is truer to the Greenock vineyard than the 2018 was. The plush fruit sweetness and inviting aromatics should excite all Grenache lovers.
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 2019 Izway Angelo Aglianico 
From ancient Greece to southern Italy to the Barossa, Aglianico is a little-known variety with a very long history. Angelo is fast gaining recognition and respect from a loyal band of adventurous drinkers that are keen to discover new flavours and textures. The 2019 is a worthy adversary to the exceptional 2018. Familiar aromatics of herbs and spices are flanked by pretty florals of violet and lavender. The trademark Aglianico tannin profile is ever present, with crisp acidity maintaining a fresh and vibrant structure. The ripeness of the 2019 vintage is evident without any density or richness, making this once again a striking reminder of the appropriateness of the variety in our region.
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These wines are a culmination of a whole seasons work, and these creations encapsulate what we achieved in 2019 with a pop of a cork. We can’t wait to share them with you.

Craig & Kathryn Isbel