2016 Izway
Harold Shiraz


Craig has many fond memories of family holidays on the river with “Harold” the much loved and revered fishing rod. He is now old and grumpy but he is still freakishly talented. Much like Harold we think this wine will get better as it gets older.

Without coming across as too excited, the 2016 Harold is just a breathtaking wine. A soft, layered and complex nose meanders from rosemary and violets to cherry cola, beetroot and a lick of ferrous. The aromas remind me of walking home late at night in the Summer rain and is the type of wine that will inspire memories of good times.

The palate delivers contrasting leather, bright fruit, savoury rind and earth and speaks of a special place. Exceptional tannin and acid; amazing balance and texture, this wine is all we could hope from a remarkable vineyard in a remarkable year.

Will drink well from 2021 to 2030 and maybe beyond.


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